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The Tabi Jorney

From his travels in Japan, Eik, the founder of Tabi Footwear, knew about a traditional type of footwear with a long story of enhancing the biomechanics of the foot and supporting natural movement. With that in mind, Tabi was designed with a focus on both modern design, functionality and comfort. Tabi is based on the foot's natural structure and gives a sense of walking on bare feet.

A sense Eik knows well after often walking barefooted in the Danish nature or in the mountains of Malibu. The feeling of warm mud, cold-water streams, and dry rock under his feet was an eye-opener to designing a whole new footwear concept with focus on the good life. The design is cut to the bone with an aesthetic touch. The concept with split toes for unrestricted movement and as little material as possible allows you to step more mindfully by sensing the ground you walk on.


Scandinavian simplicity meets Japanese functionality with the new brand Tabi Footwear. Tabi is more than just a shoe brand - it is a lifestyle based on ancient Japanese traditions and years of personal experience. A flexible, well-designed shoe that is really comfortable to wear.


Created out of a passion for the good life and a love for hiking in nature, Tabi is the perfect combination between your regular sneaker and the amplification of your innate abilities. It protects your feet while allowing them to be in contact with the ground beneath them.


Eik Braun-Ottosen has always been looking for ways to transform the footwear industry. He has worked with shoes for 15 years, made more than 1,5 million pairs and has already built and sold two shoe companies. Tabi results from years of knowledge of the shoe business following educations as a Life coach, a yoga teacher training course and writing a book. With Tabi, Eik unifies his personal passions and professional experiences in a refined product.